Good News Roundup – 5th July 2024

Hello, and welcome to the round up of good news stories for this week.

We start off the round up with a story that will not only inspire you but remind you of the power of determination.

Young US woman Ali Truwit was swimming in waters off the Turks and Caicos Islands when she was attacked by a shark last year, losing her foot and part of her leg.

She had to swim back to a waiting boat and credits her friend who applied a tourniquet with saving her life, before she underwent two emergency surgeries.

Ali had been a swimmer before the attack, and after being connected with Paralympian swimmer Jessica Long during her recovery, she decided she wanted to compete again.

Last month – a year after the attack – Ali claimed her spot to swim for Team USA at the upcoming Paralympics in Paris.

A program operating in regional and remote parts of Australia is working to re-open pools that have otherwise sat unused, improving lives in local communities.

The YMCA’s Remote Pools Project partners with communities to run local pools, bringing back seven out of 18 remote pools in the Northern Territory alone.

Belinda Andrew, from Utju west of Alice Springs works as a lifeguard at her community pool, and says she’s seeing the benefits first hand.

Who doesn’t love puppies?

This heartwarming story comes out of Texas in the US, where local police rescued a litter of puppies left in closed carrier without water in a Fort Worth carpark, as temperatures hit the high 30’s.

Officers shared pictures of the pups on social media, with one of the officers later adopting a pup!

Cancer survivor Martin Meader believes in the power of song, attributing singing with helping his health since being diagnosed eight years ago.

Martin has colorectal cancer with secondaries in the liver and lungs, and despite undergoing chemotherapy, manages to not only sing three times a week, but has also created a likeminded community of singers.

Born to Sing hosted a 1000-person choir in Perth, WA, last year, and Martin hopes to do the same again this December, inviting any and all to participate, regardless of singing experience.–c-15228379

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