Dancing Traffic Controller Brightens the Day for Motorists Stuck in Traffic Jams

People stuck in traffic jams near Sydney are being entertained by a sign twirler busting his own kind of moves.

Footage collected by The Good News Movement’s Charmaine Simpson shows Jazz Hourigan dancing up a storm – while keeping the traffic flowing.

The video of Jazz has gone viral and has been viewed more than half-a-million times on the Good News Movement’s Facebook page, which might help the budding singer crack the big time.

Jazz said boredom didn’t lead to his dancing antics: “No, I actually ran into a little bit of a hiccup halfway through my little music career.”

“And I had to admit that I had to come back and get a job because my career wasn’t going as fast as I planned,” he said.

The reactions from motorists have been incredible, including honking truck drivers who can’t get enough of Jazz’s antics.

Watch the Dancing Traffic Controller Video here:


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